Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Recognisinig Cycles as Omens

These three beehives in a row have spoken to me this morning. I look at them and I see that a cycle has come to an end. I didn't know that the end of the cycle would look like this, and I could not have possibly seen the steps in between the first beehive coming into my life and these three now all in a row.

That's the thing to remember, life and it's steps roll out in their own time and in a Divine fashion. Rather than trying to end cycles yourself, to complete cycles and to place meeting on things happening as being the end of cycle... let the omen for the end of a cycle appear as it will.

You do not control the cycles in your life, they are following their own pattern. When a cycle ends you will, if you are relaxed, see this ending and you will be able to decipher the omens in this ending.

It has taken roughly seven years for these beehives to find this spot, in a row, as their perfect home. They speak to me of so much; learning, loving, letting go and acquiring new skills. They speak to me of so much more too. I look at them and I can see a long story, it is a part of my story. I can now sit back and enjoy looking at these three sisters in a row, I can enjoy the energy that is present at the end of this cycle. I can give thanks and I can find release.

To decipher the meaning of the omens in the ending of cycles look at the characters, the scene, the time it has taken and look to how you yourself have grown.


  1. My exam is quite a finite moment but I do feel the end of this cycle is coming and a new one is beginning. I am ready, or I feel I will have the space, to allow others in again. And this time I am smarter, more relaxed, more confident, and less reliant on others for my happiness. I will have the space and energy to help others.

  2. Wonderful Linda! You are so spot on, it does seem to be that when cycles end the space that is created is bigger than the space we had before.