Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Trigger change, Trigger love

Walking in our garden this morning, the garden that I am making amongst our beloved wild plants I saw the first Trigger Plant of the season to blossom. It is a beautiful little plant that is from the orchid family, it looks fragile and yet it is resilient. It is one of the flower essences in the Australian Living Essence range and it is no coincidence that the time at which it blooms also corresponds to big change in the sphere of personal, romantic relationships. Here is a message from this beautiful little plant.

'I am the Pink Trigger Plant, each little flower that blooms from me looks like a little butterfly with perfectly balanced wings... do you see how each butterfly flies upwards?

I grow in rocky soils.. I take care of myself, I am strong because I regrow each year. I regrow after a fire, after disturbance and I even regrow when my friends and neighbours around me change.

I am starting to bloom and there will be many, many more of me to bloom into the near future. Taken as an essence I help you to recover from relationship shock and change.

Take heart, now might be a time of change for you, it is spring time in my world and my little butterfly flowers bloom and bloom... just as you will bloom and bloom too.


  1. It's that time of year again Kate! Bushman's bootlace and Trigger Plants and all the rest...