Thursday, 9 November 2017

How Can You Tell if a Spiritual Teacher is the Real Deal?

Did you know that a Reading is actually a medicine? For those of you who have had a Reading with me or with someone else, you will know that they work on two levels, one is fast acting and one is slow release. You can think of a Reading as a fast and slow release medicine fertiliser for your soul. They work.

When you have a reading what you hear will confirm things that you already know, this helps your mind to open up to the changes that need to be. You might know these things consciously or subconsciously, either way, receiving confirmation will instigate immediate acknowledgement from you and things will begin to change. Right then and there you will begin to feel better after a Real Reading.

The slow release medicine starts to take effect as soon as you hear your reading, it gets the ball rolling. It is the first domino that will hit the next one and a chain reaction of change will start. You might have a very long line of dominos lined up or maybe just a short line, the length of your domino line will determine how long it will take before you see the full effect of your reading in your life.

I have had readings that have taken years to fully come to fruition. I have totally forgotten about what I have heard in a reading only to remember years later when something happens which reminds me.

That's what readings do, they instigate change. If you have a reading then what you are saying is, I am ready to set a line of dominos off. It's a wonderful thing, very empowering and it's positive action in motion.

Readings ought never be negative, they ought always to bring an energy of love and understanding to the situation. Why is this? Because readings do not come from the person giving the reading they come from a higher source and that higher source is always an energy of love, peace and understanding.

If you ever have a reading or have had a reading that does not leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and full of hope for the next step do not worry because it is the energy of love that guides us and determines our ultimate path so that energy will will out in the end.

Real readings, real teachers will only share love with you and will always hold complete understanding for you. Real readings and teachers will only ever uplift you and this will be an energy of Divinity.

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