Thursday, 10 November 2016

Shifting energy with a moment of mindfulness

What it takes to shift energy is a moment of mindfulness. A moment where we can choose to break a momentum, to instigate change, to hop onto a different more and more constructive vibe. This moment of mindfulness is the window of great opportunity we need to make a change. This moment is at a peak and in it things feel intense. When we grasp this moment and infuse it with mindfulness (our presence of mind) we shift things, we shift how we feel about a circumstance or situation. This is how it works, let's begin with an anecdotal story from yesterday.

I was hanging out the washing, the view here is expansive and it's all really quite beautiful. Nonetheless I didn't feel 'right', I felt something needed to change, that I needed to do something, but what? I was entering into a moment of mindfulness that would shift energy. I knew this because I have done it again, and again and again. I've had heaps of practise!

I was feeling annoyed, frustrated and needed to get moving in some direction. I was feeling discontent. I think feeling discontent is perhaps the worst thing I can ever feel because it sours everything. I quickly scanned through some scenarios in my mind... ought I go out? Get off the property for a bit? Ought I do some other type of jobs? Ought I eat something? Before I take any action I always do the most sensible thing first, I ask Divine Mother for advice. To cut a long story short the guidance was to do Yajna, Tryambakam Mantra to be precise. The great healer, the great shifter of energy.

So I scooped up the baby and down we went to perform the fire for over half an hour, it worked wonders.

That was a very important moment of mindfulness in shifting my energy. You don't need to perform Yajna (though it is a wonderful practice!), you need to be able to recognise when a moment of mindfulness can shift you out of the space you are in.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, upset, frustrated, annoyed etc nip it in the bud! Apply a moment of mindfulness. Stop! Just stop and do something else. Not something that will escalate your feelings, such as pushing yourself harder when you are stressed but something that feels the  opposite to what you were doing. Because that is what is usually called for. If you are being very Rajasic (active) be a little Tamasic (inert, still).

When you are just beginning to feel the onset of upset and frustration (manifest in anyway), stop and catch your breath and ask yourself... what do I need to do now? Do I need to sit and breathe, do I need to go for a walk, shall I write a letter, begin to cook a meal, what? Then do it. Apply a moment of mindfulness to shift your energy.

This works on any level, physical, mental and emotional. If you are feeling physical pain, mental stress of upset emotionally... stop and change tack. You can go back to whatever it is that needs doing once you are feeling happy again.

Don't simply press on, this is not being mindful of your well being. Shift your energy with a moment of mindfulness.

Theresa Daley is a Mindfulness Mentor and Spiritual Counsellor 

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