Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Be Kind to Yourself, You Are in Transition


When something inspirational comes to bring out a change in my way of being I often jump in boots and all, though actually incorporating that change into my real life takes more effort. I have found that by reminding myself that I am in transition and to be kind to myself because of this has very much helped me to be able to integrate change into my life and way being with Grace.

It is not the change or what that change brings into being in my life that causes me dis-tress, but rather it is how I deal with it. Explained in a nutshell... when I accept I will ride the wave of change with Grace, when I fight against it I will experience distress. These sentiments are based on experience and I have noticed again, and again that the situation is always the same.

I (like everyone else) have been through so many changes in my life, the latest big one has been to become a mother. Though whether it is mothering, or farming or writing or healing or a different diet the situation is the same, if I mindfully step from where I am to the next step (notice I did say the last step, I have found out that my legs are not that long) with the mantra "be kind to yourself you are in transition" playing in my thoughts then the step is the perfect size and accepting the change is easy, it flows it is graceful. As a result I do not tire myself, I am happy and all is in balance. 

Change IS about transition. I think many of us think of change materialising a bit like the end result of a magic trick, shazam! 

Change is about transition. It is about going from one thing to the next, from one phase to the next, it and this happens in increments in steps. Look at your life, look around you. Look at all the 'good' and all the 'bad' and now look to see what happened before, and before that and before that. It can all be traced back, so far back. 

We have a baby body, it becomes the body of a toddler and on it goes until old age. This is life and when we can remind ourselves to "be kind to yourself you are in transition" what we are doing is going with the energy of change and this is graceful and peaceful.

Regardless of what is happening in your life right now, you are in transition. You may be aware of this or you may not be, this doesn't change the fact that you are in transition. Every cell in your being is in a state of change, transition. You/I can help that transition to be pleasant by being kind, understanding and compassionate towards ourselves because we are in transition. 

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