Friday, 16 September 2016

What to do when everything you touch turns to ...

The past few days have been those sort of days where everything I touch turns to ..... It started three days ago, and they are just little things but they are enough to be seriously annoying and upset my usually beautifully flowing life. I've been quietly watching things and my reaction to them, delving in using my intuitive feelers to see a) what is going on b) why? c) what is causing it?

Of course this is not the first time and I doubt it will be the last time I experience this, though I must say I am getting much better at processing and dealing with this slightly turbulent energy that rocks the boat of happiness and peace.

The number one thing I have realised and perhaps you have too is that this is not anyone else's 'fault'. Nobody is trying to rock my boat and the fact that the dog's voice seems louder, the baby's whinging seems to be conducted at an even more unnerving note and the matches (half a packet of) that it took to light (too late in the end) the agnihotra fire this morning do not 'have it in for me'. No, they do not. However I could definitely be excused for thinking they do as it does seem that everything is indeed focussed upon turning the air I walk on into thick mud. Breathe, that's right, let's take that focus and turn it inwards because the matches are not out to get me.

Inwardly I gaze and ponder. My first port of call (often the way with me) is to check in with my diet and sleep patterns. I give them both a big tick. I've been eating well and at regular times, food blessed and infused with an intention of light... gratefully accepted from Gaia and all. Sleep, well, I still do wake every three hours to feed you know who, though I do stick to my early bedtimes and I am relaxed before sleep so I sleep well and for roughly 9 hours per night, actual sleep. So it's not my body's chemicals and hormones that are out to get me.

The next thing I check is how mobile I have been, how much I am exercising and practicing pranayama (breathing exercises). Well that gets a big tick as you know who now weighs over 7 kgs and I put her on my back and we walk in the direction of the letter boxes and back most days Our aim is to get all the way down and up our steep gravel road to those letter boxes and back again in not so long a time... that would be 7 kilometres. Most days I work in the yard, digging and digging and ripping out buzzies. I bring in a load of wood a day, feed the chooks and the goats, clean the home and make it pretty and cook on average 8 meals (from scratch) per day. I also pick up and put down (several times a day) you know who, who is 7kgs. Then there is my yoga and meditation practise. So, no, I'm not sitting about and I give my mobility and breathing and meditation practice a big tick too.

So it's not the matches and it's not my diet and it's not my sleep and it's not my mobility... so who is out to get me then? Maybe it is my friends and husband?

Yesterday we took the baby to a play/learn splash everyone with freezing cold water group and a friend works at the school. She knew we were coming and had a picnic morning tea ready for us. On the way home we visited another friend who is a naturopath and spent time sharing her knowledge over an ayurvedic chai (made by her), upon leaving she gave me the sort of hug that you really, really feel loved in.  As soon as I have finished writing this blog I'm making a fantastic lunch to share with friends today.  I started the day (as I do everyday) with half hour massage given by my husband who is now taking the baby for a bushwalk whilst I write and who also (as he does every day) changed the baby's nappy, fed her and all the rest.  So it's not my baby, my mates or my husband who are out to get me. So who is it?

That really leaves one person I have not assessed and that would be me, am I out to get myself? Deep breath, really could it be? I am ready to accept the uncomfortable. Read all that is written above... now, someone who puts so much effort into caring for themselves and is obviously very loved, would they be out to get themselves? No, of course not. I love myself and do my very best to show myself compassion and kindness so I don't think it is me who is out to get me. So who is it?

You know what I have worked out, it's nobody. Nobody is out to get me. Everything is actually wonderful and all I need to do is to breathe and relax and allow this period of bad matches, barking dogs, annoying flies and steeper hills to pass. All I need to do is to focus on my light within, which never changes, and feel that. All I need to realise and know is that nobody is out go to get me, that I am wonderful and so are you are.  If everything you touch seems to be turning to ...., don't worry about it. Go and have a cup of tea or something.

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