Monday, 13 November 2017

What's Your Thing?

Today we went into the big smoke of Hobart, I noticed there are Christmas decorations up. Not for the first time I have silently thanked God and my own common sense that we don't really 'get into' Christmas. This blog is not anti Christmas, or anti any celebration, this blog is about choosing what you get involved in and not getting drained by societal celebrations. If you want to have far, far less stress in your life than you need to stocktake what it is you celebrate. You need to have a clean out, just as you would your wardrobe or shed because you need to make room, have room to breathe.

What do you celebrate and how? Do you celebrate what is important to you?

Celebrating Halloween in Australia is a really new thing, and in Tasmania it is very, very new. I have never celebrated Halloween and don't intend to. I'm sure it is lots of fun and for some people a real highlight in their year. For me, it doesn't matter so I don't acknowledge it. I also don't really celebrate Christmas or Easter, I do however celebrate my birthday because that is important for me.

When I saw those decorations today I immediately felt drained and tired. They are a sign of something much more for many people, a marker of the extreme stress to come. Gift buying, long drives away and time away from home and endless organising of logistics for the big event. Maybe all this really gives you a buzz and you love it, good for you. However, maybe there are other celebrations you don't get a buzz out of, maybe there are other celebrations that drain you.

Think of your energy as money in a bank account and there is only so much. Do you spend your money willy nilly? Why not?, because you don't want to drain your account. You (wisely) want some there for when you need it, you don't want to feel the stress of being broke (if you can help it). Your energy is the same. You only have so much you know. It's precious.

Choose to spend your money wisely, your energy wisely.

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