Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Regaining your personal head space as a full time mother

Accepting the full time job of motherhood is an act of true surrender and of courage. I have struggled with accepting this job, not doing this job. The key to peaceful motherhood where you get your own head space back is to accept the job, totally. Believe you me this is more than a difficult task at times. It takes courage and it takes faith in the process of life.

How many mothers do you know or are you a mother who works as a full time mother and feels they have lost their personal head space, the space we need to connect with Self? Our baby is now about 17 months old and I can tell you, honestly, that I have only recently accepted the full time job of mother hood. I have been working in this job for our daughter’s whole life, but it is only recently that I have accepted this job fully and I did so because I was pushed to brink of break or change. Thank goodness my higher-self chose change!

It is relentless, at times, the stress in this job. Mothers will know what I speak of and others reading this will be thinking… surely it is not that hard. At times it can be that hard. At times you have no personal space, no time alone… no head space that is just for you, and then there is the constant marching on of nappy changes, food preparation, tidying up again and again and again. All day long, all day long. So, you fight for what is left of your personal head space but that is not the way to get it back.

So, what can we do about it? Withdraw in some way? I have found that this is not the answer and that withdrawal and acceptance are two different things. To accept means to immerse without judgement, without limitation, it is to fully allow the flow. It is to let go of the sides of your raft as it rushes down the turbulent river, to hold your arms up high and to trust that you will not crash.  To sit balanced in the raft rather than trying to control it.

The water sprays up all over you and there are times when you feel you will crash, when you come so close to it… rather than withdraw, accept. This is when you need to let go even more. Scream with a sense of release on that raft, not out of frustration, but out of release. IT’s a beautiful and liberating sound. These acts are the final acts that will clear the dams and allow the water (life) to flow through at a great speed. You will not be swept away. I know, because I have not been swept away.

You will have abundant energy and you will laugh so much and you will find that suddenly you have more time and more space, you will find that things fall into place and all because you have accepted the job of full time motherhood, totally. Rather than fight for your personal head space, let go and let all of life/Divine Mother flood you! Surrender and accept and you will find an expanse of energy in your heart and mind that you did not, previously have access to!

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