Sunday, 18 December 2016

Work Less, Achieve More - Following your own Rhythm

A couple of weeks ago I was filled with inspiration to do two things. #1 to perfect my compost. No more tossing things in there and hoping for the best. I, for once in my long, long career of gardening followed one of my composting book’s instructions and I am proud to say that when I turned my second batch of compost yesterday it steamed so much it could have been giving me some sort of facial! #2 was to perfect making my own sourdough bread. I am also proud to say the loaf pictured above was baked fresh this morning and look at it!

As time has gone on I find that I am less inclined to wait for the socially deemed appropriate time to turn over a new leaf, ie New Year’s Day. I don’t think it works that way because we are all different in our biorhythms. We have differing cycles and we are at different stages and milestones in our journey.

Timing the turning over a new leaf to coincide with a specific time of year works well only some of the time and these successful times are more likely to coincide with a new season rather than a date on the calendar.

Yes it is true that thanks to collective energy/consciousness turning over a new leaf at the New year can carry some momentum behind it because so many other people are ‘in the mood’ at the same time. Thinking the same thing, raring up for a change too. However it is more powerful and more likely that your turn of a new leaf will be successful if you follow your own biorhythm and inner tune.

This is why daily meditation is so important, it keeps us coming back to and connecting in with our own rhythm and we are far more conscious of its flow. We are able to pick up the ‘vibe for change’. This is what happens for me.

I don’t set out to turn over this new leaf for this or that… I simply allow whatever rhythm that is going on for me on a deeper level to lead the way. Thus, my new leaves are successful because I am going with the energy that is rather than trying to manifest and energy that is not.
I can make change look so easy. I can make learning new skills look so easy and I seem to acquire new skills at the drop of a hat. My secret is not that I work harder than most people, I actually work less at it than most people my secret is that I go with the flow that is.

Those fellow gardeners out there will know what I say when I suggest you sow some lettuce seeds in the heat of the year with little water available in a very hot and sunny place. They will not grow well. A similar thing is true when it comes to sowing seeds in our lives and turning over new leaves.

How do we know when it is the fertile time for us to turn over a new leaf? By following our personal flow rather than a date on a calendar.

So! My compost is wonderful and my bread making skills are almost perfected… does this mean I will sit back and not manifest the turning over of new leaves? No it does not, not because I see the first of January 2017 looms but because I can feel a rhythm for perfecting my knitting skills and learning how to knit socks!

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