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Friendships that Heal

Friendships that Heal

Friendships that Heal are a very important influence on the way we feel about ourselves, the way we respond to the world. Friendships that heal do so by supporting and lifting us up to the next level in our spiritual development. Who we call our friends, who we sit with, has a strong influence on the habits and patterns that we have at the current point in our lives. Friendships that heal are just the sort of friendships we ought to choose to have in our lives. We all know these friendships and they are easily recognisable because they are healthy for us in a most wholistic way.

How do we recognise friendships that heal?

We can spot a friendship that is healing for us in a number with a number of simple and obvious signs. Friendships that heal do just that, they heal rather than help us to continue with a pattern of behaviour, thought or emotion which is actually feeding a negative situation or habit we have. Here are some of the ways friendships that heal help us to do that.

Friendships that heal...

* Lift us out of thoughts, behaviours and emotions which tie us to and increase drama in our lives.

* They remind us of who we REALLY are (a spirit being) rather than have us identify with who we are in ego form.

* They offer us support and strategies that help us to change and to grow in a positive way that supports of divine actualisation.

* They bring honesty in a loving way so that we see our weaknesses and transform them.

* The love, forgive and support rather than judge.

* The friendship lifts us out drama and judgement, rather than pulls us into drama and judgement.

Creating friendships that heal can be a choice for us. We can use discrimination to choose which friendships we'd like to foster in our lives and we can choose friendships that heal. 

Here are some of the ways we can use discrimination to choose friendships that heal.

* Know in what ways we'd like to grow and choose to be around people who foster what'd we'd like to have more of (creativity, finances, humour, health).

* Know the patterns we have which do not serve us and choose to be around people who do not have those same patterns (smoking, lack of motivation, lack of humour).

* Find a group of people that share similar interests to us, interests we'd like to further develop (crochet, book club, fitness, art, gardening).

* Keep our eyes open for people with a greater skill set (or further developed skill set) than we have and be in their company so we may learn from them.

* Know what qualities we'd like to develop or deepen within ourselves and be in the company of those that are strong with these qualities (forgiveness, compassion, honesty, bravery, focus).

Maintaining friendships that heal. Friendships are a living breathing life of their own and just as we need to water a plant or feed a pet to keep it healthy, so too do we need to feed and water our friendships so they too can grow, blossom and deepen. We can choose to feed our friendships that heal, here are a few ideas.

Rather than neglecting our friendships that heal, let's water them and give them attention! Just half an hour a week spent watering our friendships that heal will help every party (watch less t.v and ring a friend instead, invite a friend that heals to dinner... even if it is a very simple meal, write a letter or a little card wishing your friend a happy day).

Notice which friends you spend your time with and check to see if you are choosing to water the friendships that heal. Choose to spend more time, not less, in friendships that heal.

Friendships are not a one way street, notice what you bring to your friendships that heal that is of value and give yourself a hug!

Have you got any other ideas about friendships that heal? What certain friendships in your life have helped you to become a better person? In what ways did this help you?

Theresa Daley is a loving, gifted healer and mindfulness mentor. Qualified Yoga Instructor, Flower Essence Therapist, Reiki level 3 initiate, Kriya Yoga Initiate. Vegan for 26 years. If you'd like to book a personal consultation/reading with Theresa, she'd love to work with you! Click here.

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